A visit to David Eddowes Ltd means a trip to the picturesque Pennine Yorkshire town of Marsden, which is easily accessible regardless of where in the country you are travelling from. Situated in between Manchester and Huddersfield the town is well connected by both road and rail.

Marsden is the last town in West Yorkshire before crossing the Pennines into Greater Manchester and is surrounded on three sides by the 'High Moores' (the Marsden Moor, Meltham Moor and the Saddleworth Moor) which are all protected areas of national beauty.

Both the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the Huddersfield to Manchester railway pass through Marsden making the town a visitor hotspot. Visitors are at a plenty especially those taking part in the Real Ale trail at the weekend with the Riverhead Brewery Tap being one of the most popular spots on the route.

The Marsden Moor Estate surrounds the town to the west and south and is in the care of and protected by the National Trust. It includes several reservoirs plus acres of breathtaking scenery. Its popular destination for walkers and cyclists, it is often the case that enthusiast make the trip to David Eddowes Ltd on two feet or two wheels to pick up their new van. If that's the case, you can always be sure of a sit down and nice warm cup of tea when you arrive.

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